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King, c. 1916 (aged 47-48)

Subject's popular name (birthdate – death) can be a lead-in to the subject's real, formal, or extended name. Describe the subject's local connection and profession(s) in which the subject is most notable. Provide a description of the subject's major contributions in the immediately relevant field(s) of notable expertise.

For other people named George E. Walker, see George Walker (disambiguation).

George Edward Walker Sr. (1878 – 1953) was an attorney and a member of the Charlottesville City Council from 1900 to 1904.

Frederick William Twyman (1872 – 1938) known as Fred W. Twyman, was a Charlottesville politician and businessman whose career spanned over thirty years. At the time of his death in 1938 he was was head of the Jefferson-Lafayette Corporation and a member of the Charlottesville City Council. In 1932 he was unanimously elected Mayor by the City Council. In all he served the city through three forms of government.

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Early life

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Later life, death

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Public life

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Other services

Philosophical and/or political views

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