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Samuel Miller (1792–1869) was a 19th-century philanthropist behind The Miller School of Albemarle, Crozet, Virginia [1] and the University of Virginia's Miller Center.[citation needed]

Samuel Miller donated $100,000 (equivalent in purchasing power to about $1,780,000 in 2022) to the University to establish an agricultural program in 1869. At the time, UVA was suffering from low enrollment and financial hardship due to the Civil War. Miller's gift provided the resources UVA needed to get back on a successful track. The funds were eventually used to create UVA's Biology Department.

His name was given to the Samuel Miller Magisterial District.

Samuel Miller was born in 1792 Albemarle County (Batesville) and died 1869 Lynchburg.

Samuel Miller House - Lynchburg, Virginia

Listed in U.S. National Register of Historic Places

Long Description: Samuel Miller, born on June 30, 1792 in Albemarle County, and moved to Lynchburg, Virginia as a young man. Mr. Miller made a fortune, first in tobacco and as a businessman and later by buying and selling stocks and bonds. During his life Samuel Miller never lost sight of the need for children to have a quality education. Samuel Miller was a very rich man when he died in 1869, and upon his death he left most of his large fortune to the community, establishing Miller Park in Lynchburg and the Miller School in Albemarle County, Virginia. The Miller School was founded in 1878 with Mr. Miller's bequest of $1.1 million. The original class of 33-students has grown into one of the nations oldest and finest coeducational boarding schools and stands as an everlasting tribute to Samuel Miller.

Today the Miller House is still maintained as a private residence. Please be respectful and DO NOT trespass when visiting this site. Source/Credit: The Miller School



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