Rural Rustic Road Program

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The Rural Rustic Road Program is Virginia Department of Transportation's approach to paving Virginia's "Low Volume Unpaved Roads." It ensures environmental and financial stewardship while providing basic paved access to more rural roads.

Candidate projects can be initiated when the Board of Supervisors requests the Residency Administrator to evaluate a section of road as a candidate for the program or when the Residency Administrator reviews new proposed unpaved road projects in the approved Secondary Six-Year Plan for eligibility as a Rural Rustic Road project.

The program was first enacted by the 2002 Session of the General Assembly. A pilot program implemented in July 2002 demonstrated the program concept. The 2003 Session of the General Assembly amended the legislation to provide that this method be considered as a first alternative for improving all unpaved roads in the future. The Rural Rustic Road Program became effective July 1, 2003.

During the 2006 Session, the General Assembly expanded the program by increasing the maximum traffic count on eligible roads. The Local Assistance Division, in consultation with the Location and Design Division, updated the guidelines effective July 2006.


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