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The Route 250 West Task Force is an appointed body in Albemarle County charged with reviewing and making recommendations to the Board of Supervisors on transportation improvements on the Route 250 corridor through the county. Its scope ranges from the 250 Bypass to the Yancey Mills interchange.


Task Force Membership[1]

  • June Tate, Term Expires 09/05/2015
  • Bonnie Samuel, Term expires 09/05/2015
  • Dr. Martin Schulman, Term Expires 09/05/2015
  • James Sofka, Term expires 09/05/2015
  • Randal Switz, Term expires 09/05/2015

Earlier Advisory Committee

In 1997, Albemarle County appointed 21 citizens to a Route 250 West Citizen Advisory Committee to assist in the Route 250 West Corridor Study which was completed in January 2000.[2] After the study's completion, Albemarle created the Route 250 West Task Force and some of the members of the advisory committee were appointed to that board-appointed body.


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