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U.S. Route 250 is an east-west U.S. highway that passes through Albemarle County, and has a business route through as well as a bypass around Charlottesville.

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The roadway is approximately parallel to I-64, which 250 crosses from time to time.

Western Albemarle

250 enters Albemarle in the west at the top of Afton Mountain, where it has an exit with I-64.

It is signed Rockfish Gap Turnpike from this point until it reaches the intersection with Virginia State Route 240 between Crozet and Ivy. East of this intersection, 250 is signed Ivy Road.

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A rockslide that began on May 3, 2021 shut down the roadway for several weeks while a long-term solution is found. [1]


From west to east, 250 continues as Ivy Road, which first becomes University Avenue and later West Main Street. 250 turns onto Ridge/McIntire Road, and then onto High Street. It joins the bypass in Charlottesville just east of the Free Bridge.

The first section of this road was completed in 1953. The city and county both agreed to extend the road at a joint meeting in February 1957. [2].


Main article: Route 250 Bypass

The business and bypass routes diverge where Ivy Road meets the Route 29 Bypass, forming the western end of the Route 250 Bypass. The bypass is cosigned with the Route 29 Bypass until the 29 bypass diverges to rejoin Route 29 Business. The 250 bypass continues to be limited access until it joins the business route in Charlottesville just east of the Free Bridge.

Eastern Albemarle

After crossing the Rivanna River to Pantops, 250 continues through Shadwell. Parts of the road are known as either Three Chop't Road or Three Notch'd Road.

A bridge that carries the road over the Buckingham Branch railroad is deteriorating, leading to weight restrictions of 15 tons. [3]

Transportation studies


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