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2001 Rosser Ave shown on Preston Ave corridor Study Map.jpg

Rosser Avenue is a short east-west street located in the Venable Neighborhood area of northwest Charlottesville. Rosser Avenue is a relatively narrow paved street which connects Preston Avenue for a few blocks westerly to 12th Street SW. Rosser Avenue runs between the Zion Union Baptist Church property to the north, and the C. B. Holt Rock House to the south. The roadway is characterized as a narrow paved residential street connecting parts of the Venable neighborhood with North Downtown and the Barracks Road Shopping Center area.


Rosser Avenue is most likely named after major general Thomas L. Rosser, C.S.A. (1836 – 1910), who's farm, one of several large plantations that once surrounded Charlottesville before the "War of Northern Aggression", covered much of the area around his estate home of Rugby Hall. Several of the original outbuildings survive in the Venable neighborhood, including Rosser's historic home at 908 Cottage Lane . Prior to the 1916 Annexation, the land surrounding Rosser Avenue was in the county of Albemarle - outside of the city limits.



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