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Roland Arlington Wiggins (1932-2019) was a renowned musician who was honored shortly before his death with a tribute at the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center. He passed away on November 20, 2019. [1]

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Wiggins was born on April 15, 1932 in Ocean City, Maryland. He began musical training at age 8 and by the age of 15 was known as a performed in Atlantic City. After graduating from high school, Wiggins studied classical piano at the Philadelphia Conservatory of Music. He then entered service in the Air Force where he became part of the band.

After performing alongside many notable musicians, Wiggins because an authorized teacher of the Schillinger System of Musical Composition. In the mid 60's, he enrolled in the Combs College & Ornstein School of Music and the University of Pennsylvania. He earned an undergraduate, master's and doctorate degrees there.

Wiggins married Muriel Dockery in November 1956. They had three daughters. [1]


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