River View Farm

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River View Farm was the estate of former slave Hugh Carr and the present site of the Ivy Creek Natural Area.

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In 1870, Hugh Carr bought a 58-acre tract of land that would become the heart of River View Farm. The farm continued to grow and by 1890 it was over 125 acres.[1] When Carr died in 1914, he bequeathed parts of the farm to each of his children. Mary Louise Carr-Greer, his eldest child, was given the addition of the farmhouse. Over time, many of the siblings sold their tracts to Mary Carr-Greer. When Mary Carr-Greer died in 1973, she left the estate to her only child, Evangeline Greer, who in turn sold it. Following its sale, the farm was slated to become a subdivision with 200 homes but the land was purchased jointly by the City of Charlottesville and Albemarle County, who created the Ivy Creek Natural Area in 1978.[2]


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