Rivanna River Bike Pedestrian Bridge

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Study is underway to for a Rivanna River Bike Pedestrian Bridgeto be built over the Rivanna River between eastern Charlottesville and Pantops in Albemarle County. The work is being coordinated by the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission. [1]

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“The Rivanna River bike and pedestrian bridge was a priority recommendation from the Jefferson Area Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan and is identified in the Rivanna River Corridor Plan, among other plans. VDOT performed an evaluation on potential locations for this bridge in 2020 and focused in on two locations in the Woolen Mills/Riverview Park/State Farm/Martha Jefferson area. The Charlottesville-Albemarle MPO has recommended an application for this project in the upcoming Smart Scale round. Additional planning and conceptual design by VDOT will be necessary. CA-MPO staff have begun facilitating monthly stakeholder meetings on this project; the stakeholder group membership was approved by the CA-MPO Policy Board.” [2]




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