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Red Hill Elementary School is an Albemarle County public elementary school providing pre-K through 5th grade. Students from Red Hill will attend Walton Middle School and graduate from Monticello High School. As of 2012, Red Hill enrolled 169 students and employed 52 staff and faculty members.[1]

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In the early twentieth century, children in the Red Hill community were taught in the home of J.N. Faris. As the student population grew, it soon became evident that the workload was beyond Faris' resources and, in 1905, Red Hill Elementary was built. Originally the school consisted of three rooms and three teachers. By 1918 the faculty had grown to six people. However, the original school was destroyed by fire in 1920 and was not fully rebuilt until 1922. A temporary low-frame replacement was built by community members soon after the blaze. The Daily Progress reported that "everybody that could drive a nail or carry a plank was called." [2]

The school continued to grow throughout the twentieth century and in 1980 the main building that stands today was opened, maintaining a remnant of its past in the form of a 1972 addition known affectionately as "the pod."[3]

In 2009, the county had commissioned a study to see if there would be savings in consolidating Red Hill with Yancey Elementary School and Scottsville Elementary School. [4]

In 2019, work is underway on a second phase of renovations at the school that have a budget of $5.3 million. [5]


The current principal of Red Hill Elementary is Art Stow.

The following is a list of people who have served as principal.[1]

Term Principal
2018 - present Nancy McCullen
2005 - 2018 Art Stow
2001 - 2005 Sidney Tate
1996 - 2001 Debora Collins
1982 - 1996 Richard Spitler
1979 - 1982 Donn Goodwin
1971 - 1979 Dennis Kendrick
1966 - 1971 Joseph Trice
1958 - 1966 Charles Witt
1956 - 1958 Edwin Logan
1955 - 1956 Thomas Alverson
1946 - 1955 Henry Burruss
1937 - 1946 Joel Kidd
1931 - 1937 Harold Swartz
1928 - 1929 Geo Dunn
1927 - 1928 W. Rowan
1924 - 1925 S. Spraker


Red Hill Elementary is located at 3901 Red Hill School Road.


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