Rainier Road

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Bing Lane
Formed: March 7, 2016
Former names:
From: Cherry Avenue
To: Rainier Road

Rainier Road (0.4687 miles) from Cherry Avenue to intersection with itself including loop at SW corner. Located in the Johnson Village neighborhood it is one of the few loop street patterns in the City, it encoumpases a PUD originally developed by NVR, Inc., the parent company of Ryan Homes, 2007-2016.

On March 7, 2016, the Charlottesville City Council (2016-2017) requested the Virginia Department of Transportation accept this street and authorize maintenance payments on a lane mile basis.

Loop street means a type of local street, each end of which terminates at an intersection with the same arterial or collector street, and whose principal radius points of the 180 degree system of turns are not more than 1,000 feet from such arterial or collector street, nor normally more than 600 feet from each other.
Loop and cul-de-sac street patterns have evolved from 1900 to the present. Their geometry is adapted to the automobile, excluding traffic at the local street level, and permitting good flow at the collector and arterial levels. By contrast, the traditional grid patterns that predate the automobile have required major adaptations such as one-way streets and traffic lights in order to achieve good automobile traffic flow. Without such adaptations, congestion is inevitable. The grid, both in theory and in practice, is an inefficient carrier of car traffic.
The North Belmont Neighborhood Historic District is a residential suburb located in the southeastern section of the City of Charlottesville near the city’s downtown core. The district is situated along a gridded street pattern that overlays the hilly topography of the area and is essentially the same pattern as laid by the Belmont Land Company’s 1891 Belmont Subdivision plat.