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A proffer is a voluntary contribution made by a developer intended to mitigate the impacts of a development on community infrastructure or other needs. Cash proffers are used to fund infrastructure needs like schools, roads, libraries, and public safety. Proffers are often received and reviewed by local governments with a rezoning request. But officials are not permitted by state law to ask for or direct specific proffers from the applicant in exchange for a rezoning approval.

As of 2013, Louisa County requires a cash proffer of $4,362 per unit of residential development built as a result of rezoning. Greene County has a cash proffer expectation of $5,778 per unit.[1]

Albemarle cash proffer expectations

In 2007, Albemarle County established cash proffer expectations for new residential development. These are one-time payments for each home of a certain type. The proffer rates are increased each year by an inflation factor. At the time of the change, the proffers increased from about $3,200 to $17,500 per single family detached home.[2]

As of 2013, the Albemarle cash proffer expectations are as follows:[3][4]

  • Single family detached (SFD) homes = $19,753.68
  • Single family attached or townhouse (SFA/TH) = $13,432.49
  • Multi-Family apartments (MF) = $13,996.89

In 2008, the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors rezoned downtown Crozet, creating a Downtown District that allows by-right residential units above commercial storefronts.[5] Some argued that this action is proof that the board recognizes cash proffers to be a disincentive for developers who might want to apply for rezoning on their own.[1]

In July 2013, the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors promised to revisit their cash proffer policy in a thorough discussion.[6] Also in July 2013, the Albemarle County Planning Commission recommended a revised cash proffer policy in the Albemarle County Comprehensive Plan that sets expectations at $17,500 per SFD, $11,900 per SFA/TH, and $12,400 per MF, to be adjusted to inflation every year. The proposed policy also says that where the rezoning is minimal, proffers will only be expected for units additional to those that could have been built by-right.[7]

In November, the board agreed in principle to give credit for by-right potential. [8]

Charlottesville cash proffer expectations

The City of Charlottesville does not collect cash proffers.[1]


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