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Preston Coiner on the steps of the Methodist Church on East Jefferson Street in Charlottesville on March 31, 2011

Preston Alexander Coiner (April 8, 1940 - September 10, 2012) served as vice president of the Albemarle-Charlottesville Historical Society and was the historian for the Board of Architectural Review.

As a part of his responsibilities as a volunteer for Charlottesville's 250th Anniversary, Coiner oversaw the opening of the 1962 time capsule. He said that the biggest loss was the water damaged personal letters that he was looking forward to reading to the assembled crowd.[1]

Coiner was a Charlottesville native who in the 1970s was president of the Charlotesville Bowling Association. He served both as president and vice president of the Falcon Club. [2]

Mr. Coiner was a graduate of Clark Elementary School and Lane High school. Until 2008, he was a partner in his family business, Coiners' Scrap Iron and Metal. Following his retirement that same year, Preston persued his interest in the buying and restoring of historic and residential properties. He was a member of First United Methodist Church.

Preston was an avid collector of many items including historic Charlottesville memborabilia, a flock of duck decoys, a fleet of toy trains and Santa figures. He was an accomplished woodworker. Many have referred to him as a larger than life figure. [3]

Of Preston his friend Steve Trumbull said, "Preston was an amazing resource and worked tirelessly to gather more photographs, historical details, and great stories to share." [4] "While he was serious and passionate about his work (paid or volunteer) he had a very warm and happy spirit. He had a kindness and decency that I will always remember," said Trumbull. At the time of his death, Mr. Coiner was working on the restoration of the J.S. Young Extract Company office building on Carlton Avenue in Charlottesville. [5]


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