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Pollocks Branch is a Charlottesville waterway that flows south from the downtown mall to Moores Creek. Since the 1960's it has flowed through an underground pipe, but the Strategic Investment Area plan calls for it to be reopened and to become part of a linear park. [1]

The area is also the subject of a project by the Center for Cultural Landscapes. [citation needed]

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Pollocks Branch is a tributary of Moores Creek and the Rivanna River. The stream, which drains the downtown mall and nearby city streets, flows through a pipe north of Elliot Avenue before opening up into a deep channel surrounded by woods. The stream began to be piped underground beginning in 1949. The SIA plan found that the stream was buried at the Ix property by 1966 and buried at Friendship Court by 1980.

The SIA team also found that the stream south of Elliot Avenue is highly impaired. In order to address the damage, the SIA plan calls for stormwater filtration and retention ponds.


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