One Meatball Place

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One Meatball Place
Type Restaurant
Genre Italian
Founded 2012
Founder Richard Zakin
Headquarters Charlottesville
Area served West Main Street
Industry Restaurant

One Meatball Place was a restaurant located at 513 West Main Street that opened in 2012 and closed in late 2013.

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The restaurant at 513 West Main Street was developed by Richard Zakin. It was originally supposed to have opened in April but progress was delayed as the building's redevelopment took longer than expected. The new target date is June 2012. The structure was formerly the home of C&R Auto.

The dining room was designed by Alloy Workshop. [1]

The restaurant closed some time in late 2013. [citation needed]


Coordinates:Erioll world.svg.png 38°01′53″N 78°29′18″W / 38.031266°N 78.488195°W / 38.031266; -78.488195


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