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Oliver Kuttner is a German-born entrepreneur and developer associated with many projects in and around Charlottesville. He is also the founder of the Edison2 project to develop highly-efficient vehicles. The Very Light Car project won the $5 million Progressive Automotive X Prize in 2010.

Kuttner is the son of Ludwig Kuttner[citation needed].

After having several battles with the Charlottesville Planning Commission and the Board of Architectural Review, Kuttner decided to move his base of operations to Lynchburg[1].

In October 2010, Kuttner was involved in an altercation with a police officer in Lynchburg after a traffic stop[2]. He appeared in court on the charges on February 14th, 2011[1], was convicted of disorderly conduct, and was fined $250[3].

In 2016, Kuttner proposed using this site to construct 233 studio apartments (under the alternative address 201 Garrett St), but his request was rejected by City Council.[4]



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