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Occupy Charlottesville members at Lee Park

Occupy Charlottesville is a protest movement affiliated with the national Occupy Movement.

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Lee Park occupation

The group held its first General Assembly on October 12, 2011 at the Charlottesville Pavilion.[1] Over 100 people attended the event, which lasted over three and a half hours. The group agreed to begin an occupation of Lee Park on October 15.[1]

Members of the group moved into Charlottesville's Lee Park in mid-October and were successful in receiving a city permit to stay until at Thanksgiving of 2011.[2] The ongoing occupation prompted questions from Jefferson Area Tea Party chair Carole Thorpe regarding whether the city showed favoritism by granting the group a permit.[3] Tea Party leaders have claimed city government has shown favoritism by allowing the group to stay in Lee Park overnight. [4]

During the group's stay, they were required to keep the park clean. Over the course of the occupation, many homeless people camped alongside the protestors, causing some tension as well as incidents involving underage drinking.[5] The Group planned on moving to the park across from the Red Roof Inn near the Corner that houses a statue of George Roger Clark.[6]

Removal from the park

The group's permit to remain in Lee Park had its final expiration on November 30, 2011.[7] Eighteen people were arrested on Thursday, December 1 when they refused to leave the park after the 11:00 P.M. curfew. All eighteen were charged with trespassing for violating the city ordinance establishing the curfew in Lee Park.[8]

Protest against NDRA report

Members of the group attended the November 19, 2012 meeting of City Council to protest proposed ordinances written in response to a report from the North Downtown Residents Association that called for the city to crack down on homelessness in downtown Charlottesville. Two members had to be escorted after interrupting Council's deliberations. [9]


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