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The Oakhurst Inn and Apartments is a bed and breakfast and apartment complex under construction for the intersection of Jefferson Park Avenue and Emmet Street in Charlottesville. It is being developed by Bill Chapman.


A schematic of the planned intersection improvements adjacent to the new Oakhurst Inn and Apartments

The approval by City Council was conditioned on improvements at the intersection of JPA Extended and Emmet Street.

In December 2008, the Charlottesville Planning Commission granted a special use permit allowing for 27 rooms in the bed and breakfast, as well as a 36-unit apartment complex. [1]

VDOT funding for intersection

In June 2012, the Commonwealth Transportation Board awarded $300,000 to contribute to the project, which will convert the intersection to a T-junction. Before construction, motorists heading to the University of Virginia Medical Center had a right-turn lane. Following construction, the right-hand turn lane will be converted into a wider bike lane and sidewalk. [2] [3]

Schedule for work

According to property owner Bill Chapman, the intersection work will be conducted through August 2012. The inn will be renovated through October 2013 and construction of the apartments will go through April 2014. [4] However, the project is still under construction in December 2013.


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