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Albemarle High School is an Albemarle County public high school. Albemarle is part of the Northern Feeder Pattern. Albemarle students attended Burley Middle School, Jack Jouett Middle School, or Sutherland Middle School. As of 2017 Albemarle has 1,992 students enrolled and employs almost 150 teachers and 70 staff members.[1] Enrollment at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school was 1,951.


Albemarle High School opened in September 1953 to almost 850 students.[2] The school was initially segregated, being whites-only, until 1963 when members of the "Albemarle 26" first entered the building in an effort at integration.

Adjacent to Greer Elementary School and Jouett Middle School, the school has undergone multiple renovations and expansions since 1950. During the 1972-1973 school year, the courtyard was renovated, adding a raised, grassy area fondly known as the Senior Circle.[3]

In 2009 Albemarle added a new Math, Engineering & Science Academy directed towards students with an interest in engineering or design.[1]

Photo Credit: Panoramio[4]

Math, Engineering & Science Academy

Albemarle High School Math, Engineering & Science Academy, or MESA, is a 4-year program designed to prepare students for college-level math, science, or engineering coursework. Students entering the 9th grade in Albemarle County schools must have completed Algebra I and Geometry and fill out a 3-page application to be considered. [5] The application consists of two short essay questions, a personal statement, and three letters of recommendation. MESA accepts no more than 55 ninth graders each year. [6]

MESA's mission is to "educate a cross-section of students with a variety of interests and strengths, to infuse traditional school curricula with real world problem-solving, collaboration and inquiry-based learning, and to prepare the engineers, researchers, inventors and entrepreneurs of the 21st century." [7] Created to address a declining interest in engineering, the MESA Academy was a $14 million dollar project that constructed a state-of-the-art classroom space for students located in Albemarle High School. Students enrolled in MESA are taken through a curriculum which blends math and science together. [8]

Fine Arts Pathway

In 2014, Albemarle implemented a "Fine Arts Pathway" that allows students to organize their electives to focus on a particular area of the arts throughout their high school career. Students can choose from art, ceramics, photography, band, orchestra, chorus, creative writing and theatre. Each strand, or area of focus, is composed of five traditional classroom courses, a community learning experience, an internship, and a capstone project[9].

Ambient Air Monitoring Station

In 2008 the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality installed an ambient air monitoring station at AHS. The system is designed to measure particles in the air smaller than 2.5 micrometers, ozone levels, and collect meteorological data in the area.[10]


The current principal of Albemarle High School is Darah Bonham. [11] He replaced Jesse Turner, who left in the summmer of 2019 to become principal at Buford Middle School in Charlottesville. [12]

The following is a list of people who have served as principal[1]

Term Principal
2019 - present Darah Bonham
2017 - 2019 Jesse Turner
2009 - 2017 Jay Thomas
2004 - 2009 Matthew Haas
1995 - 2004 Lawrence Lawwill
1984 - 1995 William Raines
1954 - 1984 Benjamin Franklin Hurt
1953 - 1954 Lynn Moore


Albemarle High School is located at 2775 Hydraulic Road.


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