Leonard Sandridge Road

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Leonard Sandridge Road


Project Overview

1. Ease congestion around North Grounds area
2. Ease congestion for traffic related to the John Paul Jones Arena
Cost $4,100,000
Location Charlottesville
Sponsor University of Virginia
Next meeting none

Status Update

Completed in January 2006. Part of the Arena project.

Contact Dick Lawrence, Senior Project Manager, University of Virginia

Leonard Sandridge Road, formerly known as the North Grounds Connector, allows for east-bound traffic on the US 29/US 250 Bypass to enter the University of Virginia's North Grounds area, through to Massie Road, and for traffic from Massie Road or North Grounds to re-enter east-bound traffic on the bypass.

Project Details

The road was built with design speed of 25 miles per hour and has two lanes that are 12 feet wide each. The shoulders are mostly six-foot wide, meaning the road alignment can be shifted during high-traffic events at UVA. The shoulders are seven-foot wide where there are guardrails. [1]


Sandridge Road is designed to:

  1. Ease congestion around the North Grounds area, and
  2. Ease congestion for traffic related to the John Paul Jones Arena.

During the design phase, some Charlottesville City Councilors were concerned that UVa wanted to build an at-grade intersection at the bypass, requiring a traffic light. Council approval of the road was contingent upon an agreement this would not happen.[2]


Construction was undertaken and planned by UVa. Barton Malow was the construction management firm. Construction was finished five months ahead of schedule, in January 2006 at an estimated cost of $4.1 million.[3]



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