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North Fork - A UVa Discovery Park, formerly named the UVA North Fork Research Park, is a 562-acre, 3-million-square-foot, fully master planned, mixed-use development zoned for office, light industry, hotel and conference center, medical and pharmaceutical labs, and to support commercial uses including retail. The park is owned and managed by the University of Virginia Foundation.[1]

The initial rezoning for the park took place on June 12, 1995. [2]

UVA Research Park

Its new name was unveiled on January 26, 2021. [3]

The park is located near the Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport and the National Ground Intelligence Center. It is located within the Hollymead designated growth area.

Future Expansion

The park will expand by 30 acres allowing for an additional 700,000 square feet of commercial, office, and industrial uses pending[when?] a rezoning approval by the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors[4].

The park may also be revisioned to be more of a town center with residential uses. [5]

As part of the expansion, the UVA Foundation is paying for a $6 million southward extension of Lewis and Clark Drive to Airport Road. [6] This road was under construction in the summer of 2020. [7]


Former tenants


On January 2, 2020, a fire forced the temporary evacuation at 1000 Research Park. [13]



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