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The Neighborhood Leadership Institute (NLI) was a series of classes and workshops offered up to 30 city and county residents by the City of Charlottesville every year free of charge. The institute was meant to encourage citizen participation in local government.

At the conclusion of each class, participants work on group projects to research, recommend, or implement initiatives that will enhance the Charlottesville community.[1]

Though the city's website is still active, the program has not been held for several years. [citation needed]

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NLI Projects

In 2013, a group of NLI participants worked to create a bicycle and pedestrian survey to help inform future infrastructure improvements in the city.[2]

In 2012, NLI participants proposed Bike, Walk, Play JPA, which became a successful community event.[3] Other projects included a proposal for public exercise equipment in parks and along trails,[4] and a proposal for a neighborhood resolution team to mediate neighborhood conflicts.[5]


Former City Councilor Dede Smith (2012-2015) attended the institute in 2010. She has said that the institute contributed to her decision to run for office.[3]


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