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The Neighborhood Improvements Funding Initiative is a one-time program in Albemarle County aimed at supporting small-scale programs in the county's growth areas. $1.4 million was to be split evenly throughout the seven growth areas. The funding comes from the $8.1 million surplus from FY2016. [1] Supervisors opted to retain ultimate control over what would be funded. [2] Community meetings began on March 13, 2017. [3]

Supervisors approved recommendations from the CAC's on November 8, 2017. [4] Supervisors agreed in mid-June of that year to split the money evenly among all the growth areas. [5]

The program was honored by the Virginia Association of Counties in 2018. [6]

Much of the funding amounts shown in the table include other sources of funds, as it was quickly discovered that the money used could be to draw down other grants.

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Project Sponsoring CAC Cost Estimate Status Narrative
Avon Street Extended Corridor Study 5th and Avon $78,200 Study anticipated to be completed by end of 2019 The objective of this study is to engage the 5th & Avon Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) regarding their desires for the corridor's character, community amenities, and desired infrastructure improvements. A series of CAC preferred improvements will be developed and include traffic impact analyses on their ability to mitigate traffic congestion and concerns.
Baker-Butler Elem. School Improvements Places29-North $200,000 All work complete - Ribbon cutting was on 7/18/2019 Improve connectivity to increase internal and neighborhood connections to school campus. The school is currently well connected, but there are several “missing links” to the sidewalk and trail system. Once constructed, these links will greatly increase the usability of the trail and sidewalk system for the surrounding neighborhoods and community at large.
Mountain View Elementary School Crosswalk 5th and Avon $512,904 Construction to occur in second quarter FY2021 The design includes a northern sidewalk connection to a planned Avon Street Extended sidewalk extension project and a southern sidewalk connection to the existing asphalt path on the western side of Avon Street Extended with a mid-block street crossing in front of Mountain View Elementary School. [7]
Commonwealth Dr & Greenbrier Dr. Intersection sidewalk clearing Places29-Hydraulic $5,000 Construction to occur in first quarter FY2021 Improve pedestrian safety by adding a signalized crosswalk at the intersection of Rio Road and Greenbrier Drive.
Free Bridge Trail Access Improvement Pantops $209,200 All work completed except for recently added light installation scope under bridge Trail improvements under Free Bridge including trail safety, improved access, better visibility from the road, widened trail with safety rail under the bridge.
Pedestrian Improvements along Rio Road, Greenbrier Drive intersection [8] [9] Places29-Rio $200,000 This will be installed in the summer of 2020.
Rivanna Greenway Stabilization Village of Rivanna $97,633 County is in the process of creating a Memorandum of Understanding with HOA and Country Club prior to finalizing the contract with the contractor. Repair the eroding bank of the Rivanna River Greenway using accepted natural stream methodologies.
School-Pedestrian Connections (Albemarle-Jouett-Greer) Places29-Hydraulic $710,000 A first round of bids did not yield a contract. Project will be re-bid following Civil Rights Division review [9] Provide approximately 2,015 ft of pedestrian improvements throughout the complex including 485 ft of concrete sidewalk (8' wide); 1,430 ft of multi-use trail (10' wide); and 100 ft of pedestrian crosswalks. Stormwater management for the additional impervious area will also be provided. [10] [7]
The Square Improvements Crozet $1,510,100 Design continues and is at 81 percent [7] This locally administered Revenue Sharing project will change The Crozet Square to a one-way street (west-to-east travel) with improved angled parking along both sides, new sidewalk in front of the businesses, improved ADA accessibility, grading/drainage improvements to prevent flooding of the businesses east of the alley intersection, and drainage system to convey storm runoff to Oak Street along with road, sidewalk and drainage improvements to Oak Street.
CATEC Wildflower Meadow Places29-Rio $15,000.00 Herbicide scheduled for application in mid-August Installation of a wildflower meadow at CATEC. The project involves the elimination of existing vegetation and the planting of wildflower and grass seed mix. The approximate 1.4-acre site is bounded by Rio Road to the south and west, and Dunlora Drive to the east. The site is comprised of two parcels - one owned by the City of Charlottesville and the other co-owned by the County’s and City’s School boards, along with a portion within the VDOT right-of-way. Design will continue through 4th Quarter CY2019.



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