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Neighborhood Design Day refers to a one-day workshop held on October 8, 2005 that officially launched the planning process for the 2006 Comprehensive Plan Update. The workshop was held by the Neighborhood Development Services Department in conjunction with the Charlottesville Community Design Center (CCDC). Meetings were held at six sites throughout the City. Professional designers and City planners worked with residents in charettes designed to plot out a future for each City neighborhood. The firm Siteworks Studio was retained to create maps that depict each community's resources. Residents were asked to consider how to address connectivity, how to improve transportation flow, how to protect environmental resources.

Following Neighborhood Design Day, CCDC worked with NDS staff to great plans for each neighborhood. Public input made its way into the Comprehensive Plan, which was adopted by the City Council in the summer of 2007[citation needed]. The results are currently hanging in the hallway that leads from NDS to the City Council Chambers.

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