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The 2003 comprehensive rezoning in Charlottesville created a mixed-use zoning district known as Neighborhood Commercial Corridor that exists in both the Belmont-Carlton and the Fontaine Avenue neighborhoods. [1]


The original classification built on the B-1 zoning created in the late 1940’s to encourage business in the two neighborhoods. [2]

The area within Belmont was expanded in July 2009 by one property to accommodate a proposed restaurant despite a recommendation against by the Charlottesville Planning Commission against the expansion.

Noise complaints associated with the Bel Rio restaurant prompted City Council to consider adjusting the noise ordinance and parking within the NCC. [3]

Zoning guidelines

The maximum height allowed in the district without a special use permit is 45 feet. The maximum under such a permit is 60 feet but streetwall regulations would be in effect as well. [1]

Residential density shall not exceed 21 DUA (dwelling units per acre). 43 DUA may be allowed by special use permit.

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