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Neighborhood 6 is one of Albemarle County's designated growth areas. It is located west of Charlottesville, in the Western Urban Area.[1]

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Neighborhood 6 is bounded on the east by Charlottesville city limits, on the south by I-64, on the west by Moore's Creek, and on the north by U.S. Route 250.[1]

Summary from 2019 Growth Management Report

"Recent development in this area has been limited to small infill and the Poplar Glen development, and no projects are currently in the pipeline.

Redevelopment and infill opportunities exist along the Ivy Road corridor, south of Ivy Road and east of the Route 29 Bypass, where there is currently a small number of vacant parcels and single-family homes.

The greatest potential for future development in this area exists in the Reservoir Road area, south of the Bellair and Liberty Hills subdivisions. Many of these parcels have larger acreages, though hilly topography may limit development potential.

However, a significant number of these parcels and about half of the theoretical capacity in this area is under the control of the University of Virginia Foundation. Uncertainty about future plans for these properties and conditions along Reservoir Road may limit future development. Additionally, the Birdwood property is identified in the Southern & Western Urban Neighborhoods Master Plan as having potential for mixed-use or residential development. However, this will require consideration and redesignation in future planning efforts." [2]




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