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Neighborhood 5 is one of Albemarle County's designated growth areas. It is located south of Charlottesville, in the Southern Urban Area and includes Old Lynchburg Road.


Neighborhood 5 is bounded on the east by Biscuit Run State Park, on the south by a series of lakes and a tributary to Biscuit Run Creek, on the west by Route 631, a ridge line and utility easement, the 700 foot contour, Route 29 and the Interstate 64 interchange and on the north by Moores Creek.


As of August 2007, there were an estimated 1,951 dwelling units and a population of 4,061[1].


Future development

Neighborhood 5 and Neighborhood 4 are part of the Southern and Western Urban Neighborhood Master Plan area. Community engagement for that was underway in the spring of 2012. [3]

Neighborhood 5 is home to a large tract of undeveloped land known as the Granger property. Planning in the past has been guided by the Southern Area B Study. It had been anticipated that the Biscuit Run development would bring 3,100 additional homes to the area but that project was canceled when the owners sold the land to the state of Virginia for creation of the Biscuit Run State Park. That park is now to be paid for and maintained by Albemarle County.

A number of properties with Urban Density Residential and Community Mixed Use designations are located along this corridor and provide opportunities for residential infill and some commercial development along this largely residential corridor. Planning for the redevelopment of the Southwood Mobile Home Park is underway.

West of Sunset Avenue Extended are large land holdings near Interstate 64 with development potential that is currently restricted by access and utility issues. The Granger property, located between Sunset Avenue Extended and Fontaine Avenue, is designated Neighborhood Density Residential. The southwest quadrant of the Interstate 64/Route 29 interchange is designated Regional Mixed Use and also has significant development potential, though terrain and access issues will pose challenges." [4]

Summary from 2019 Growth Management Report

"The 5th Street / Old Lynchburg Road corridor has seen significant growth over the past 10 years, with a number of large multifamily developments constructed near Interstate 64 and large-lot singlefamily developments such as Oak Hill (Wintergreen) Farm and Whittington. Much of the development along this corridor has happened by-right.


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