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Neighborhood 4 is one of Albemarle County's designated growth areas. Located south of Charlottesville, it borders the city to the north, Neighborhood 5 to the west, and Route 20 to the east and south. [1] It is within the footprint covered by the 5th & Avon Community Advisory Committee.

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Summary from 2019 Growth Management Report

"The Avon Street Extended corridor has seen the most growth in this area, with a number of townhouse/attached developments constructed in the preceding 10 years and more to come with the approved Avinity Estates and Spring Hill Village developments.

A number of pockets exist with opportunities for either single-family or denser townhouse or multifamily development between Avon Street Extended and Scottsville Road south of Mill Creek Drive, though they are somewhat scattered between existing institutional and industrial users and consist of smaller parcels.

Near Mill Creek Drive and to the north are a number of institutional landowners including the County and Piedmont Virginia Community College (PVCC). Although the County property along Mill Creek Drive has not been programmed for future use, the PVCC property's frontage along Avon Street Extended has the potential to support a large multifamily development." [2]

Possible development outside of designated growth area


  • Route 20


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