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Neighborhood 3 is one of seven designated growth areas in Albemarle County, and consists of the Pantops area of the county. This is the official name of the area according to county planners. Future infrastructure is guided by the Pantops Master Plan. The Pantops Community Advisory Council is the body of citizens that oversees the plan's implementation.

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Summary from 2019 Growth Management Plan

"Pantops continues to see growth with ongoing construction in Cascadia and Riverside Village as well as Hyland Park (Fontana 4C). Since 2009, every residential Certificate of Occupancy issued has been in areas north of Route 250.

The Pantops Master Plan, which was updated in June 2019, anticipates future growth and redevelopment in suburban commercial centers along Route 250. Although many of these areas were not identified as redevelopment candidates in this analysis, they may add additional capacity in the future.

Most of the development potential in Pantops comes in the form of multifamily infill or redevelopment of existing commercial areas. Hilly topography and the Rivanna's floodplain creates variation in development scenarios and density ranges, depending on if a net or gross development scenario is used. Single-family capacity exists along the northern and eastern edges of the Development Area, although access issues may limit development potential in the near-term." [1]


Albemarle infrastructure projects

  • One project in the planning stages is to build 3,500 feet of sidewalks with curbs and gutters on South Pantops Drive and State Farm Boulevard. Funding for the $1 million project comes from VDOT revenue-sharing funds granted in fiscal year 2013. It is uncertain when this project will be built.[2] The work was underway in the fall of 2016. [3]





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