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Neighborhood 1 is a designated growth area consisting of 1,183 acres located to the west of US 29 through Albemarle County.


The neighborhood is bounded by the South Fork of the Rivanna River to the north, US 29 to the east, and Hydraulic Road to the south. The Places29 Master Plan draft describes the neighborhood as the "most urbanized" of the Northern Development areas, with two-thirds of development classified as residential and one-third for retail and commercial use.

Summary from 2019 Growth Management Report

"Stonefield remains the largest active development in this area. Although it is unlikely to build out to its maximum approved density, capacity still remains for development of multifamily and lodging projects. The Rio29 Small Area Plan, which was adopted in December 2018, anticipates future growth and redevelopment in the vicinity of Rio Road and Route 29.

The northern portion of this area between Berkmar Drive and Woodburn Road includes a number of parcels with discrepancies between R6 and R15 Residential zoning designations and an Office/ R&D/Flex/Light Industrial comprehensive plan designation, resulting in some variability between zoning and comprehensive plan capacity scenarios.

As the few remaining vacant parcels build out, development and redevelopment is expected to be primarily higher-density attached or multifamily development, as has been seen in recent years." [1]

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From the Places29 Master Plan:

"The majority of land uses in Neighborhood 1 rely on three major roads for access: US 29, Hydraulic/Rio Road, and Berkmar Drive. The remaining roadway network in Neighborhood 1 consists largely of local loop roads or cul-de-sacs that, with few exceptions, provide few connections between adjacent developments. Without supplemental bicycle and pedestrian connections, this street pattern separates residences and other uses even if they are located in close proximity. The typical trip pattern in this type of environment requires travel out onto the nearest arterial (Hydraulic Road, Rio Road West, or US 29) and back into another part of the neighborhood. This limited connectivity affects the opportunities for travel among residential areas, open spaces, and retail, employment, and civic uses. [2].

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