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Rotary Club of Charlottesville presentation of "stage on wheels" gift to the city's recreation department. Accepting it is Nan Crow, director of recreation, April 1954

Nan Crow (July 27, 1903-September 23, 1979) served in the mid-20th century as Director of the Recreation Department for the City of Charlottesville.[1]

Nammie Burwell Crew was born in Raleigh, N. C. on July 27, 1903, daughter of the late Edmund Burwell Crow and Mary Morton Dinwiddie Crow.

Director of Recreation, City of Charlottesville, Va.; attended Peace College in Raleigh, NC; grad. (1923); New Haven College of Gymnastics (later Arnold College), Conn.; mbr. Permanent Committee on In-Service Training; Southern District Advisory Committee (representing Virginia) of National Recreation Assn.; served on Study Committee of Southern Regional Education Board; unmarried. She was retired after serving for 29 years as Director of Recreation for the City of Charlottesville.


Crow Indoor Pool

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