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Type Coffee Shop
Founded 1995
Founder John Lawrence, Lynelle Lawrence [1]
Headquarters Charlottesville, Crozet
No. of locations 4

Mudhouse is a local chain of coffee shops, with locations on the Downtown Mall, in downtown Crozet and espresso bars in two Tiger Fuel gas stations. Its locations frequently feature local art and music.

Mudhouse was begun as a coffee cart located on the Downtown Mall in the 1993-1994 winter and opened its first physical branch, at its current downtown location, in 1995.[2]

The Crozet location of Mudhouse took the place of Uncle Charlie's restaurant in The Square in Crozet's downtown.[3] It opened in June, 2009.[4]

Mudhouse Director of Operations Dan Pabst has competed in barista competitions and advanced as one of 50 finalists to the U.S. Barista Competitions in California.[5]


To help pay for furnishings for the Crozet Library, the Crozet Mudhouse sold a special blend of coffee grounds with $2 from each pound sold. [6]


Coordinates:Erioll world.svg.png 38°01′53″N 78°28′57″W / 38.03139415522091°N 78.48246574401855°W / 38.03139415522091; -78.48246574401855


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