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Moores Creek is a tributary of the Rivanna River that flows through the City of Charlottesville and serves in some places as the southern border with Albemarle County.

The spelling without the apostrophe is correct. [citation needed]

"There were two other tributaries of the Rivanna below Milton in early times, though their names are never heard at present, Henderson's and Miller's Branches. Moore's Creek has been so called from the first. The same is true of Biscuit Run; but the names of its branches. Plum Orchard on the east, and Cow Branch on the west, have slipped from the memory of men. A small prong of Moore's above Biscuit Run once had the name of Edge's Creek; it is forgotten now." Edgar Woods, Albemarle County in Virginia: Giving Some Account of What It Was by Nature, of What It Was Made by Man, and of Some of the Men Who Made It (1901)[1]
The crossing of the Rivanna at the Free Bridge was known at the beginning of the last century as Moore's Ford.[2]

Fixing impairment

Moores Creek near Quarry Park

For several years it has been known that Moores Creek in the urban portions of the community is impaired and is contaminated by fecal coliform. [3]

Woolen Mills dam was breached in 2007 to help restore the health of the waterway.[4][5][6][7]

An eroding abandoned landfill on Avon Street Extended, formerly jointly operated by Charlottesville, Albemarle, and the University of Virginia, was a major contributor to contamination. In 2009 the developers of Fifth Street Station, Riverbend Development, partnered with Albemarle and the Department of Environmental Quality to begin remediation of the landfill site.[8]

In 2012, the Thomas Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation District began offering cost-share assistance to help farmers and homeowners in the Moores Creek watershed pay for septic system repairs and conservation programs to help restore water quality. [9] Also in 2012, the Rivanna River Basin Commission received a grant of $267,000 from the state Department of Conservation and Recreation to remediate bacterial contamination over the following 2.5 years.[10]


The Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission is planning and constructing the 5th Street Trail Hub to serve as a trailhead for an enhanced trail heading west toward Azalea Park. This hub will be near the confluence of Moores Creek and Biscuit Run. [11]


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