Monticello High School Citizen Action Project

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The Monticello High School Citizen Action Project was part of the curriculum at Monticello High School for all seniors, also known as a CAP Project.

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This was a part of the school’s U.S. Government curriculum and the projects were intended to help the students become experts on a public policy issue in the community. The work emphasized teamwork and face-to-face meetings with experts in the community. The project culminated a citizen action activity where they share their findings and make policy recommendations (e.g. public forums; speaking before public bodies).


During the 2010-2011 school year, students were encouraged to use cvillepedia as a publishing platform to share their research on local public policy issues.

Articles demonstrating the students' work include:

MHS faculty who have advised CAP students

  • Jim Huneycutt
  • Hannah Bailey
  • Emily Dooley


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