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Monticello was the estate of Thomas Jefferson, who also was its designer. The home is managed by the Thomas Jefferson Foundation.


The National Monticello Association announced in March 1, 1923, that it would purchase the estate from Jefferson Levy for a sum of $500,000.[1] Plans were announced in February 1925 to restore the home to the way it was in Jefferson's day.[2]

Connection to public water and sewer

The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors will determine in 2014 whether to extend public sewer services to Monticello, its visitor center, and other buildings. The foundation also wants to extend water lines to fuel storage tanks in order to provide more protection from fire.[3]

Slavery at Monticello

In 2016, the Thomas Jefferson Foundation hired Gayle Jessup White and Niya Bates to help improve the way in which the story of slavery at the plantation is told. White was hired as a community outreach officer and Bates was hired as a public historian of slavery and African-American life.[4]


Monticello is located in Albemarle County and is administered by the Thomas Jefferson Foundation. Coordinates:Erioll world.svg.png 38°00′37″N 78°27′08″W / 38.010332°N 78.452339°W / 38.010332; -78.452339

Community History Series

On September 17, 1974, the Jefferson Cable Corporation filmed a brief documentary at Monticello. This episode, narrated by Bernard Chamberlain, describes the history of the US Constitution.

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