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The Miller School of Albemarle is a private school near Batesville. The school was created in 1878 and was a bequest of Samuel Miller who funded and founded the school. He envisioned a school for children who could not afford an education. It was a coeducational school from 1884 to 1928 then became an all boys school until 1992 when it became coeducational again.

The school is accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools. [1]

The school and its ground are listed on the Virginia Landmarks Register as well as the National Register of Historic Places. The list-date for the VLR is April 17, 1973 and February 15, 1974 for the federal list. [2]

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1966 - Charles L. Leonard, Dean[3]

Narrative from Virginia Landmarks Register

"Miller School’s complex of High Victorian Gothic buildings was provided through the will of Samuel Miller (1792-1869) to serve the children of Albemarle’s poor. Miller, a county native, was born into poverty and made a fortune in the tobacco and grocery business in Lynchburg. The school, developed on one of Miller’s farms, pioneered in industrial education, emphasizing both manual labor and classic liberal education. The school’s architectural focal point, Old Main, was begun in 1874. Its designers were Albert Lybrock and D. Wiley Anderson of Richmond, who created a grand statement in the weighty, richly ornamented Gothic style popularized by the English critic John Ruskin. It and the Arts Building and superintendent’s house were erected under the supervision of C. E. Vawter, the school’s first superintendent. Still a viable educational institution, Miller School continues to stress craft education and academics."

Becoming compliant with Albemarle zoning code

The school is in the process of becoming compliant with the Albemarle County zoning code. Zoning did not exist when the school was built. A proposal to expand the school requires a special use permit. The Albemarle Planning Commission voted 5-1 on December 3, 2019 to recommend approval. [4]

The request went before the Albemarle Board of Supervisors on February 19, 2020. Supervisors wanted the school to update its nomination for the National Register of Historic Places, a request that the Planning Commission had not included. [5]

Notable events


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