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Front view of the Miller Center. Photo by Howard Witt.

The Miller Center of Public Affairs is a non-partisan institution dedicated to studying national and international affairs. Located on Old Ivy Road, the Center was founded in 1975 and established because of a large donation from Tennessee philanthropist Burkett Miller[1].


Former staff

Former Virginia Gerald Baliles was director from 2006 to 2014. [3]

Mission statement

The University of Virginia's Miller Center of Public Affairs, following Jefferson's vision of the University's public service mission, is a leading public policy institution that serves as a national meeting place where engaged citizens, scholars, students, media representatives, and government officials gather in a spirit of nonpartisan consensus to research, reflect, and report on issues of national importance to the governance of the United States, with special attention to the central role and history of the presidency.[4]

Expansion plans

The Miller Center is currently[when?] planning and raising funds for a major expansion that would add meeting and office space, as well as a new Virginia Presidential Research Library[5]. Beginning in 2010, the center's programming airs on Delta Airlines flights[6].

Knight Challenge winner

In 2011, the Miller Center was awarded a $165,000 award to allow Waldo Jaquith to create new ways for citizens to interface with state code. [7]


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