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Mike Gaffney, Chairman, RWSA Board of Directors

Mike Gaffney is the Chair of the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority and the Chair of the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority. He is also the founder of Gaffney Homes who works currently as a realtor with Montague, Miller & Company.

Gaffney was appointed to his first two-year term as the citizen representative on the RWSA/RSWA boards at City Council's meeting on February 3, 2003[1]. He was appointed to a sixth two-year term by Albemarle County's Board of Supervisors on February 6, 2013[2] and by Charlottesville City Council on March 4, 2013.[3]

The Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce named Gaffney as the 2012 recipient of the Paul Goodloe McIntire Citizenship Award. [4]

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