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Photo Credit: Panoramio[1]

Michie Tavern is a Virginia Historic Landmark established in 1784 by Scotsman William Michie. [2]

Originally located on the road between Free Union and Earlysville, the tavern served as the social center of its community and provided travelers with food, drink and lodging. It remained in operation, and in the Michie family, until 1910 when it came to be owned by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

In 1927, the Tavern was purchased by Josephine Henderson, who had it moved the sixteen miles to its present location close to Monticello for use as an antique shop in an attempt to capture some of the tourist traffic heading to the newly opened Monticello.[3]

The Sowell House, a historic structure originally constructed by Pleasant Sowell (himself a descendant of the early Albemarle County settler Thomas Sowell) around 1822, is located nearby.



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