Melvin Grady

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Melvin A. Grady
Melvin Grady

Party Democratic
Election June 11, 2013 primary
For term to start 2014

Biographical Information

Place of birth Charlottesville
Spouse Stephanie Grady [1]
Children Rajesh and Laila
Residence Charlottesville
Alma mater University of Virginia
Profession Teacher at Buford Middle School
Campaign $ VPAP
Contributions $ VPAP

Melvin Alonzo Grady is a teacher at Buford Middle School who was a candidate for one of two Democratic nominations for Charlottesville City Council in the 2013 election. [2] Through May 29, 2013, Grady raised $1,671 in campaign contributions including $250 from George Benford. [3] He placed fourth in the race with 17 percent of the vote. [4]

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Grady, a math teacher at Buford Middle School, is a native of Charlottesville who obtained a bachelor's degree in math at the University of Virginia in 1994. He received a teaching certificate from James Madison University.

Grady's uncle, Charles Barbour, was the first African-American elected to City Council and first African-American mayor. [2]

Grady served three months in prison in 2006 for multiple convictions of driving on a suspended license. [5]

Election 2013

Grady also participated in a questionnaire on public housing conducted by the Public Housing Association of Residents. [6]

Audio of campaign announcement

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