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Design by Steve Trumbull, graphic by Rick Bickhart.
Location of medallion at First and Main

The Medallion at First & Main is a granite paver that was installed on the Downtown Mall on April 25, 2012. The Charlottesville graphic design firm Gropen Design, which specializes in architectural signage, was hired for the project.[1]

"This is a gift to the City of Charlottesville from me and generous contributors who as a group represent local business, area real estate, deep family roots in Charlottesville, volunteerism at its best, and a connection to place. I am very grateful for their support of this project."[1]

Granite Stone Paver

The granite stone paver that became the Medallion at First and Main arrived in Charlottesville from Mt Airy, North Carolina, on March 2, 2012. The granite quarry in Mt Airy is one of the largest in the world and has been in operation since the 1880s. The stone for the medallion was formed in the Devonian Period, roughly 400 million years ago. Measuring 4 x 4 feet and nearly 3 inches thick, the stone is made up of feldspar (white), quartz (grey) and biotite mica (black).[1]

Stone for medallion arriving at Gropen Design's facility on East Market Street for prepping and engraving

City approvals

Charlottesville's Board of Architectural Review, approved the granite medallion to be installed at First and Main Streets on January 17, 2012.[2]

The Charlottesville City Council approved a granite marker (or medallion) to be installed in the pedestrian mall at the intersection of First and Main Streets on January 3, 2012. The medallion indicates the four quadrants of the city that radiate from this point. All street addresses go up from 100 from this point and it is at this point that East Main Street and West Main Street meet, although many locals hold the misconception that West Main begins at Ridge-McIntire. Adding to the confusion is that there is an area named "Central Place" one block to the east. For directional purposes First and Main is the center of town. [3] [4]


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