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Charlottesville-Albemarle Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is the forum for cooperative transportation decision-making among Charlottesville, Albemarle, commonwealth and federal officials. The MPO considers long-range regional projects and combines public input, technical data, and agency collaboration.

Organized for the City of Charlottesville and the urbanized area of Albemarle County immediately surrounding the city, MPO is responsible for carrying out continuing, cooperative, comprehensive transportation planning and programming. MPO coordinates the transportation planning activities of the various transportation-related agencies that have both a direct and indirect impact on the Long Range Plan and Transportation Improvement Program.[1]

Long-range transportation plans

The MPO approved the UNJAM 2035 plan in May 2009 to provide another long-term plan to replace the UnJAM 2025 plan. Planning is underway for the next revision, which is due by May 2014.[2]


In 2012, the MPO considered expanding its boundaries to include Lake Monticello, Ruckersville, and other growing communities to factor in population growth following the 2010 census report for the Commonwealth of Virginia. The addition of the extra localities would add voting members to the organization to weigh in on transportation issues. Some have questioned the expansion, saying the added localities would undermine the organization's efficacy in considering local transportation projects and would dilute the single VDOT representative's opinion.[3] In the end, the MPO opted to add Crozet to its borders, but to remain within Albemarle County.[4]

On October 8, 2015, Chip Boyles mentioned at a joint meeting with the Staunton-Augusta MPO that the Charlottesville area MPO may expand to Ruckersville after the 2020 Census. [5]

Voting Members


The MPO has two main subcommittees: Foremost, final decision making authority for the MPO is vested in the MPO Policy Board. The board is served by the:

The MPO eliminated the Community Mobility Committee in 2013 when it adopted a new public participation plan.[4]



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