List of Individually Protected Properties

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List of Charlottesville's Individually Protected Properties.

Address Property
759 Belmont Avenue Belmont House
123 Bollingwood Road Disney-Keith House
1102 Carlton Avenue Young Building
133-155 Carlton Road Coal Tower
907 Cottage Lane B.W. Rosser Cottage #1
908 Cottage Lane Rugby
909 Cottage Lane B.W. Rosser Cottage #2
513 Dice Street Shackelford-Bannister House
402 Dice Street Barksdale-Totty House (or The Grove)
406 Dice Street Tyree Thomas House
410 Dice Street Elijah Thomas House
412 Dice Street Ferrell House
210 Eighth Street, NE Carter-Gilmer Outbuildings
901 Emmet Street (part) Wachovia Bank (former National Bank & Trust branch)
200 Fifteenth Street, NW Cottage at Hillcrest Apartments
205 Fifth Street, SW Brand-Edwards House
217 Fifth Street, SW Barksdale-Coles-Hailstock House
301 Fifth Street, SW Shelton-Fuller House
418 Fifth Street, SW Hawkins-Wondree House
201 Fourteenth Street, NW King-Runkle House
223 Fourth Street, SW Smith-Reaves House
1602 Gordon Avenue Dabney-Thompson House
946 Grady Avenue (part) former Monticello Dairy Building
1022 Grove Street Gardner-Mays Cottage
700 Harris Street Armstrong Knitting Factory
204 Hartman's Mill Road George T. Nimmo House
208 Hartman's Mill Road James D. Nimmo-Simms House
801 High Street, East C.D. Fishburne House
1404 Jefferson Park Avenue Barringer Mansion
2115 Jefferson Park Avenue former Fry's Spring Service Station
1201 Jefferson Street, East The Farm
800 Jefferson Street, East Carter Gilmer House
901 Jefferson Street, East Leitch-Haden House
1615 Keith Valley Road Keith House
114 Lankford Avenue Robert Goins House
214 Lankford Avenue Howard-Jackson House
459 Locust Avenue (part) Patterson Wing of Martha Jefferson Hospital
700 Lyons Avenue Napoleon House
810 Locust Avenue Locust Grove
610 Lyons Court Lyons House
706 Lyons Court Lane Lyons House Carriage House
1118 Market Street, East The Willow Cottage House
1512 Market Street East Timberlake-Branham House
1819 Market Street, East Woolen Mills Chapel
1901 Market Street, East Pireus Store
224 Ninth Street, SW Nals House
501 Ninth Street, SW Oaklawn
1105 Park Street Hard Bargain
1108 Park Street Geiger-Coles House
1112 Park Street Finch-McGee Cottage
608 Preston Avenue King Lumber Company Warehouse
722 Preston Avenue (part) Coca-Cola Bottling Works
1010 Preston Avenue The Rock House
605 Preston Place Wyndhurst
611 Preston Place Preston-Norris Cottage / Wyndhurst Servants Quarters
620 Prospect Avenue / 105 University Manor Robert L. Updike House
752 Ridge Street Hoppe-Humphrey-Ferron House
818 Ridge Street Joseph Brown House
1328 Riverdale Drive Riverdale
202 Riverside Avenue House at Pireus
212 Rosser Avenue Holy Temple Church of God
1204 Rugby Road / 1719 Mason Lane Stonefield
1314 Rugby Road Four Acres
204 Seventh Street, SW Hawkins-Lee House
208 Seventh Street, SW Hawkins-Parker House
201 Sixth Street, NW Parker House
327 Sixth Street, SW Benjamin Tonsler House
209-211 Sprigg Lane Morea
214 Stribling Avenue Huntley Hall
134 Tenth Street NW former Coca-Cola Bottling Works
309 Twelfth Street, NE Nicholas Lewis House
1 University Court Turner-LaRowe House
603 Watson Avenue Enderly
212 Wine Street Monticello Wine Company House


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