Lindsey B. Mount

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Lindsey B. Mount
Lindsey B. Mount, 1960

Electoral District At-large
Term Start September 1, 1960
Term End August 31, 1964

Electoral District At-large

Biographical Information

Date of birth 9 Nov 1925
Date of death 31 Jul 1995 (aged 69)
Place of birth Lynchburg, VA
Place of death Lenoir, NC
Profession Publisher

Lindsey B. Mount was a former publisher of The Daily Progress and mayor of Charlottesville (1964 to 1966).

Mount was executive editor and business manager of the Daily Progress, elected to City Council in the 1960 election and a second term in the 1964 election. [1] Mount was named mayor of Charlottesville at the bi-annual organizational meeting of the City Council on September 1, 1964. His election followed a Council custom of selecting as president of the Council, or mayor, the senior councilman who has not already held the position. J. Robert Ponton was named vice mayor. Mount, who was 38, succeeded Bernard J. Haggerty as mayor. [2]

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Mount was born on November 9, 1931 in Lynchburg. He moved to Charlottesville with his family and graduated from Lane High School in 1942. He attended Hampden-Sydney College in 1942 and 1943 and worked for a reporter with the Lynchburg News for one year before entering the U.S. Army Air Corps. Mount served as an armorer-gunner on a B-29 Superfortress.

After the war he attended the University of Virginia and joined the Daily Progress as a reporter in 1948. He was named sports editor in 1951, city editor in 1952 and managing editor in 1956.

He was active in the 1952 and 1956 presidential campaigns of Democrat Adlai Stevenson and was prominent in the Charlottesville Democratic Committee. [1]

The Daily Progress announced his engagement to Nancy Byrd Leslie on April 8, 1948. [3]

Mount and fellow Councilor Bernard J. Haggerty approached Raymond Lee Bell if he would have any interest serving on the School Board and Bell said yes. [4]

1960 election

Mount announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for City Council on January 22, 1960. He was the sixth person to announce in that campaign. He shared campaign space with Bernard J. Haggerty though said he was running as an individual candidate and not part of a slate. [1]

Candidates Votes %
Bernard J. Haggerty (D) 2,898
Lindsey B. Mount (D) 2,718
Robert E. Lee (R) 2,167
S. Dexter Forbes (D) 2,122
Source: City of Charlottesville[5]

Each voter could vote for up to three candidates.

1964 election

Candidates Votes %
Bernard J. Haggerty (D) 2,274 72.8%
Burkett A. Rennolds (D) 2,145 68.7%
Lindsey B. Mount (D) 1,927 61.7%
John H. Knight (R) 1,573 50.4%
Alfred P. Samuels, Jr (I) 142 4.5%
Source: City of Charlottesville [6]

Each voter could vote for up to three candidates.


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