Lafayette Johnson

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Portrait photograph of Lafayette Johnson, taken by Rufus W. Holsinger at an unknown date. Reproduced from the Holsinger Studio Portrait Project.

Lafayette Johnson was a Black citizen whose portrait photograph forms a part of the Holsinger Studio Collection.


Johnson was born in Staunton, Virginia on March 16, 1895. He had two sisters and four brothers. He never attended school and could not read or write as of the 1910 Census. Johnson was also registered for the draft during both World War I and World War II, being called up for service in the former conflict.

At an unknown date, Johnson had his portrait photograph taken in his military uniform by Rufus W. Holsinger, with this picture later forming a part of the Holsinger Studio Collection.[1]

According to the January 11, 1911 issue of the Augusta County Argus, Lafayette was tried and plead guilty to house-breaking, having entered a restaurant known as Hugh Murry in Augusta County and stealing a variety of pies, cakes, and soda pop bottles before running away. He was sentenced to one year’s service on the county roads.

Johnson died on May 24, 1957. [citation needed]


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