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Junius Rodes Fishburne (1915–1991) was a local attorney and member of the American Bar Association. In 1948, he was elected (at-large) for a term of three years to the School Board in the first year the board was composed of seven-members. On June 18, 1951, Fishborne and Harry Wright were elected (at-large) members of the Charlottesville City School Board for a term of three years beginning on July 1, 1951 and ending on June 30, 1954.

When Thomas J. Michie returned to Charlottesville after World War II, he formed a partnership with Fishburne in 1946, known as the Michie and Fishburne Law Firm (later the firm took the named of Michie Hamlett). He later established a firm with Joseph W. Richmond (1916-1986) known as Richmond & Fishburne Attorneys At Law.

When Junius Rodes Fishburne was born on February 15, 1915, at Ivy, his father, Judge John Wood Fishburne, was 46 and his mother, Mary Norwood Lyons, was 41. Junius was the grandson of Clement Daniels Fishburne (1832–1907). He married Ora Lewis Davis on December 18, 1937 and to this union was born Junius Rodes Fishburne, Jr. In 1967, he was married to Charlotte Slaughter Lee Fishburne (1913–1992)

Junius R. Fishburne died on November 2, 1991, in Ivy, at the age of 76, and was buried in Riverview Cemetery.

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