John Henry Neff

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John H. Neff, MD

Dr. John Henry Neff, Jr. (1887-1938) was included in one of the series of articles titled Charlottesville Personalities as published by The Daily Progress in the 1930's.

Neff was born to Dr. John Henry Neff (1843-1912) and Brownie Mitchell Morrison Neff (1858-1913) on September 12, 1887. Neff was married to Louise Fitzgerald Neff (1887–1964). The University of Virginia hospital physician was reported missing on November 8, 1938 after he failed to re-appear to meet relatives after he drove a relative to Woodbury Forrest. [1]

John Henry Neff, MD died on November 8, 1938 (aged 51), burial was at the University of Virginia Cemetery and Columbarium.

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