Jim Colbaugh

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Jim Colbaugh
Jim Colbaugh

Member, Albemarle County Service Authority Board of Directors
Electoral District Scottsville
Term Start 2008
Term End December 31, 2011[1]
Succeeded by Holly Hueston

Biographical Information

Contributions $ [1]

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Jim Colbaugh is a Keswick resident and a former member of the Scottsville District on the Albemarle County Service Authority. He was appointed to a four-year term in March 2008.[2]


  • Colbaugh was initially an opponent of building a new dam at Ragged Mountain[citation needed]. In May 2006, he told the board of the Rivanna Water & Sewer Authority that such an idea would not save money, would be environmentally damaging, and would cause trails to be built twice[3]. He has repeated those comments frequently, including at the October 2010 ACSA meeting[4]. However, Colbaugh has expressed support for building the South Fork pipeline at some point in the future.


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