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Jason Pearson
Jason Pearson

Term Start October 2006
Term End June 30 2011

Term Start March 2008
Term End June 2011
Preceded by William Lucy

Biographical Information

Residence Fifeville

Jason Pearson is a former member of the Charlottesville Planning Commission who served as chair from March 13, 2008 to June 2011.[1]

Pearson was first appointed to the Commission in October 2006. Pearson formerly worked as the executive director of the Green Blue Institute, a nonprofit organization that works with the private sector to promote environmentally sustainable production.

A resident of Fifeville, Pearson became involved with local planning issues when his neighborhood faced new development challenges. He taught himself how the city’s zoning codes work, and came to the belief that the intent of the zoning ordinances was not always carried out during implementation. Pearson began to appear at Planning Commission meetings to speak his case, and applied for a position when one came open.

On April 10, 2010, Pearson spent ten minutes delivering a chair report documenting his philosophy of what the planning commission is meant to be doing[2].

When Pearson applied for a second term on the Planning Commission, he told city officials he might not be able to stay for the entire four years due to professional opportunities[3]. On October 18, 2010, Charlottesville City Council reappointed Pearson to a second four-year term.[4]

Previous city experience

In January 2006, City Council appointed Pearson to serve as the Fifeville representative on the Community Development Block Grant Task Force for a term of three years[5].

Committee assignments


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