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James E. Bowen served as Charlottesville's City Manager in the middle of the 20th Century. [1] He was named as acting city manager on June 1, 1948. [2]

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Bowen was a native of Scott County who attended Altavista High School and the University of Virginia. He was appointed city auditor in March 1934 and became the first finance director. He married Louise Burks.

Bowen was both the director of finance and the clerk of council when he was appointed by Council in June 1948 to replace Seth Burnley. Council voted 3-1 to approve him finishing out Burnley's unexpired contract. He had the support of Roscoe S. Adams, Fred L. Watson and J. Emmett Gleason. Gus K. Tebell voted against him because he did not think he was qualified. Charles Nash was not present at the meeting. His initial salary of $6,000 a year matched Burnley's. [2]


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